How to Create Your Online Empire With Your Blog and Social Media

A Basic guide to creating success with your blog.

Why a blog?

Having a blog is more about giving that taking. You do not (I repeat) do not go around asking people if they want to buy your products and services especially if you have just met the person you want to build a relationship first. Your blog is a place where you are branded to provide others with the information they are seeking and for you…. Well you will get instant recognition, credibility respect and love.

You see, your blog is your ‘central hub’, your home for all other content you may have published online and when it comes to social media success its all about giving great content and value the best way to do that is of course having it all sourced on your blog.
OK so we have got a great blog with great content now you need people to see what you have to meet their need so you will need to promote your blog in order to get traffic.


People you have built relationships with who will promote your content. Using this technique is very powerful in leveraging your content. Because if 5 people in your network has a network of 10,000 people, shared your content you could potentially reach out to 50,000 people! Not bad eh…


So your Content Syndication Network sends out your message using Social Networks creating a social buzz which is then picked up by the search Engines (Google).

By using social media to distribute content, your content becomes highly ranked for any keyword you are targeting through social network sites.

When people get to your blog by using all the other methods you want them to sign up to an offer you have at you blog to start building an email list. This is your greatest asset you need to be building and focusing on – your email list.

So you have got people coming back to your blog, back-links and traffic not only from the search engines but also from the social networks, you are offering them a ton of value at your blog you have an irresistible offer where they sign up to you email list and all the fun begins putting profit into your pocket.

It’s too hard and I’m not a computer whizz
I’m not a good writer, what would I write about
I have no value to give to others
I don’t have enough time
I don’t know how to do it
Yada, yada, yada!

Don’t let this stop you! (Ill show you why shortly)

The bottom line is this…Incorporating a blog with social media marketing can give you a lifelong asset and profit center that will give the true personal and financial freedom you are looking for. You can express yourself and share your unique gifts and talents to the world and make a fortune doing so.

Best of all if you are one of those people with excuses and misconceptions about blogging you can LEARN. You can be shown, there are recourses that can help you build an online empire that will allow you to live the live you want.

Can you IMAGINE been one of the top 5% of online entrepreneurs that are making a ton of money in the industry…… or staying a wannabe because you allow your fears to get in the way of the next step?


Are you an online entrepreneur who wants to increase your results online, how about you want to begin your own online business?

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6 Responses to “How to Create Your Online Empire With Your Blog and Social Media”

  1. says:

    How to Create Your Online Empire With Your Blog and Social Media…

    You see, your blog is your ‘central hub’, your home for all other content you may have published online….

  2. You are so right that blogging is more about giving than it is about anything else. We’re either providing information, or we are entertaining or comforting, etc. Regardless of the medium, we are always giving. Thanks for making this very clear to us all. :)

    My biggest concern so far has been content syndication, but I am slowly but surely overcoming that, which is great. I just need to find more sources for sharing. :)

    • diana says:

      Thank you Christi and welcome to my blog! As for content syndication & sharing I would be grateful when you do figure out more places to share you let me know too :) There is never enough sharing of valuable content that we can do!

  3. The only misconception i have is that i feel i’m not a good writer. There’s always this inner voice that troubles me. If i truly want to build my online empire, i’ve got to overcome this fear. Thanks diana.

    • diana says:

      Hi Ologundudu, I think you have already overcome your fear because you own a blog! Believe in yourself and keep going, you dont need to be a good writer to to blog!

  4. Thanks for the words of encouragement. You’re doing a great job. :)

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