Proven Positive Self Talk Tips

Positive self talk tips

Are you ever good to yourself by giving yourself positive self talk, I mean by what you are saying about yourself every day. Positive self talk can boost your confidence, make you happy and can give you a sense of worthiness and belief about yourself.

When I began to only speak positive things about myself I felt better about the way I looked and my feelings changed too.

First of all I want you to realize what you are saying when you look in the mirror. Take note of what you say because you are going to eliminate them by replacing them with a few positive self talk sayings of your own.

Second make it your duty to look in the mirror and say twice a day 3 good things about yourself. For example are you a good mother, can you cook good meals, do you have nice hair. Honestly it can be anything good.

Ok here are some more positive self talk sayings:-

  • Every day I am getting better and better
  • I am full of life and vitality
  • I love my life to the fullest
  • I enjoy happiness in the small things of my life
  • Each day I am grateful for me
  • I control my own thoughts and I choose to think happy thoughts
  • Each day is filled with joy

We live in a society that is constantly ‘feeding’ us about how we should look so if we don’t meet those standards we feel unhappy about ourselves. There are many negative beliefs we hold about ourselves that may not even be true therefore holding us back from our true potential. Positive self talk daily can be your ‘cure’ from a unhappy state.

Use Positive self talk tips daily.

Even if at first you feel like its not true, after a few days you will start to believe in yourself and your life will change!

Do you have any positive self talk sayings of your own? Share them with me by leaving your comments below. Don’t forget to come back and let me know how you get on.



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2 Responses to “Proven Positive Self Talk Tips”

  1. Tiffani says:

    I think you just made the truest statement about society constantly feeding us how we should look, and that in turn directly immpacts how we feel. If we can reinforce positive thoughts and outlooks, we can always move forward, improve. By striving for some impossible standard dictated by someone else, there is no way to ever improve, because how can you measure up to unrealistic expectations.

    I appreciate the tips and sayings you listed, and will hang some of them in my apartment as a daily reminder, or for anytime I start to feel down.

    Thank you!

    • diana says:

      Tiffani, your making the right decision by hanging the tips as a daily reminder. be sure to sign up to my newsletter for more positive tips and
      ‘positivity report’ you get when you do!:)

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