What is a Solopreneur? The Relentless Truth!



An entrepreneur who works alone, “solo,” running their business single-handedly. They might have contractors for hire, yet have full responsibility for the running of their business.

The typical solopreneur is easily tempted to become a work-a-holic, not feeling their work is ever done! They do the administrative tasks, marketing, customer service and service delivery typically by themselves.

The above was a dictionary version.

Now for the relentless truth.

So… What is a Solopreneur?

  • They get over the need for security be this from a job or other people
  • Works by themselves (but not necessarily alone) if that makes sense.
  • Understands what drives them
  • Hates the status-quo
  • Takes massive action and get things done. Fast.
  • Realizes success happens in the midst of a great big mess of things
  • Surrounds themselves with other ruthless entrepreneurs.
  • Realize when things go totally wrong leaving them like a huge failure that its part of the process. Get up. Dust off. Try again.
  • Reads the blog your reading often and signs up for updates.
  • Does what the fu*k they want. You are responsible for your actions.
  • Have clear written goals. Then accomplish them!
  • Does what is important first
  • Daily learning activities (but not to avoid what you should really be doing)
  • Influences the world in amazing ways
  • Read ‘Influence’ by Robert Cialdini if you haven’t read it
  • Meditates and visualizes
  • Understands they cannot please everyone & doesn’t even try
  • Gives without expecting back
  • Breaks through their comfort zone on a regular basis
  • Spends as much time as possible doing the things they love, what makes them truly happy
  • Always nurture the important relationships in their lives
  • May be caught in some uncomfortable situations (but maybe not as uncomfortable as the time I farted in school and unknowingly the boy I liked was standing right behind me lol how embarrassing)
  • They are creative and imaginative (I guess you’ve got to be when starting out, wondering how the hell am I going to pay my next months bills now I’ve fired my friggin boss)
  • Leaders. They are leaders.
  • Creates wealth (eventually) for themselves and their loved ones
  • Reads ‘The master Key System’ by Charles Haanel and does what it tells you to do. (bad ass book. Read by Bill Gates before Microsoft :) )


There you have the answer to the question ‘what is a solopreneur’.


Remember keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe!

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